Word of Life celebrates Black History Month

On Wednesday, February 7th, Word of Life students celebrated Black History Month with an assembly organized by Devri Davis.

Special Guests included newly elected St. Louis City Police Chief John Hayden and Historian Roger Webb.

All students united in song during the assembly singing “Wade in the Water”, “Go Down, Moses”, and Swing Low Sweet Chariot”. Here is a link to the students singing.

“I think it is so important that the students understand that Black History is such an integral part to American History as a whole and how it reaches to every citizen of our great country. These assemblies show our students that coexisting is possible despite a lot of the messages that our society tends to suggest. America has always been about people helping people and the stories that were shared during the assembly enlighten our students to a grander understanding of how every citizen has an important role in promoting peace,” said event organizer Devri Davis.


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