Faith In Action Day 4.13

On Friday, April 13th, Word of Life students worked together to help our association churches St. Lucas, Ascension, and Timothy.

The campuses had a list of projects for the students to do including cleaning window sills, pulling weeds, cleaning the student transportation vehicle, picking up sticks, spreading the mulch on the playgrounds, matching Easter eggs, and raking.

“Faith in Action day is an opportunity for our students to serve. Showing our students how important it is to find ways to serve others is woven throughout everyday at Word of Life, but two days a year, once in the fall and then in the spring, we focus on the importance of serving others,” said Megan Arnold, Marketing and Outreach Director.

“When you are serving someone you have to do what they tell you to do, not go and do something that you think you should help with. I like how we get to go to the all the other campuses,” Jack Jennings, 6th grade.

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