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2017/2018 Lunch Costs

New program! “Healthy Habits”

  • Order each day in homeroom
  • Variety of menu options! The menu will feature three main selections to choose from daily. They are the “Heatlhy Habits” featured hot lunch, an “alternative entree”, and a special salad of the day which includes soup.Tuesday will be treat day, which will be a special dessert item that students may purchase.
  • Special Milk Program  – cost of $.18 for white milk and $.20 for chocolate milk
  • “Extra Entree” is available to older students that really enjoy a certain menu item
  • Meal Card system – check meal card balance through Sycamore Parent Portal. Set up your students meal card at open house on August 14 from 5 – 7 pm. Recommended minimum deposit of $25 – $50.
  • Still able to send money with child or pay by cash (or bring lunch from home)

Lunch: $3.50; Extra Entree $1.00

Milk: White or Chocolate milk is $.11