Parent Teacher League (PTL)

PTL Dinner Fundraisers

Tuesday, November 13th –  Chick-fil-A
Sunset Hills 10706 Sunset Hills Plaza 4-8pm. You must show flyer electronic /paper or sticker your student brings home Tuesday and % of sales will go to support WOL students and Staff.
Wednesday, December 12th – Panara Bread
Chippewa 4-8 pm. Must show flyer (electronic or paper) at check out for purchase % to go to WOL

Upcoming Events 

PTL Trivia Night 
Saturday, January 26th at 7 pm

President: Alisa Woods

Vice President: Dawn Baumhoff

Secretary:  Autum Jennings

Treasurer: Ruth Sorrell

Members At Large: Nikki Akridge, Lea Majneric, Leigh Monaghan, Regina Morton, Erika Zaza

Staff Representative: Sarah Tanurchis