Sixth Grade


The 5-8 grade language arts curriculum focuses on a range of reading experiences covering all genres, a broad spectrum of literature, and the refinement of oral and presentation skills. Skills are developed through the study of the literature and cultures of early civilizations, as well as through folk tales, ancient myths, novels, poetry, and media articles. Typical texts include The Hobbit, Animal Farm, The Giver, Hatchet, Bridge to Terabithia, Lord of the Flies, House of Dies Drear, and Roman and Greek texts. Students are challenged in their reading, writing, and presenting capabilities in the required book reports throughout the school year. Word of Life’s primary objective is to develop critical thinking and communication skills, as well as a strong interest in literature.

The social studies curriculum includes the world and its people, beginning with early man. Geography is emphasized for each region through the use of political and physical maps. A trip to Cahokia Mounds brings further understanding of the ancient peoples through interactive displays and the exploration of the ancient mounds.

In science, students gain a greater understanding of the life, earth. and physical sciences. Lessons include instruction in vocabulary, key concepts, and hands-on activities that include labs and experiments.  Classes take place in the Word of Life Science Lab.

Learning about fractions is a main focus in sixth grade math. Students learn the meanings of fractions in fifth grade, which builds a foundation for sixth grade math when students divide fractions and use algebraic steps involving fractions.


Religion: “One in Christ,” published by Concordia Publishing House

Language Arts: “Prentice Hall Literature,” published by Pearson Education, Inc.

Reading: “Treasures,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Math: “Go Math!” published by Houghton-Mifflin

Science: “Earth and Space iScience,” published by Glencoe

Social Studies: “Our World,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Music: led by Mrs. Wolfgram
– Study different musical styles/genres around the world