Timothy Campus

Mrs. Maxfield

Timothy Lutheran Church hosts one of Word of Life’s preschool locations at 6704 Fyler Avenue in the Lindenwood Park area. Two preschool classes are offered. The 3-year old class is taught by Mrs. Lorenda Bolling. The 4-year old class is taught by Mrs. Melissa Maxfield.

The classes are set up nicely for families to choose days and times that work well for them. A week is divided into ten different sessions (5 morning and 5 afternoon sessions). The morning session is 8:15-11:45 and the afternoon session is 11:45-3:15.

Tuition: $585 per session. In order to enroll, students must attend at least 3 sessions per week.

Total Tuition = $585 x (Number of Sessions Each Week)

If a student attends a full day of preschool five days a week for the year, tuition totals $5,850.