Word of Life Band Leader: Mr. Matt Janssen

Contact: or 815-325-4940

The Lutheran High School South grade school instrumental program offers instrumental music education to students in grades 5-8 at Word of Life. The program is based on the premise that instrumental music education is an important aspect of the child’s total education and is effectively offered at the elementary school level. Participation in this program leads to the development of skills and attitudes that are necessary for a complete education. Researchers in child development believe that the study of music is very beneficial to every child’s intellectual development. The program may be continued in grades 9-12 at Lutheran High School South or other area high schools.

How It Works

1. Group band rehearsals take place during the school day. Each band rehearses twice per week for 30-40 minutes. Students are grouped according to grade level and receive regular weekly assignments in their lesson books. In addition, students practice supplementary sheet music for concert programs.

2. Combined school concerts occur twice per year at Lutheran High School South. Each grade level combines with their counterparts from other schools to provide a full band sound. The individual grade school band also performs at school concerts and chapel services.

3. Lutheran South Junior Winds rehearses on Monday evenings at LHSS. This band of select students rehearses challenging music designed to raise everyone’s performance level. Comprised of mainly 7th and 8th graders, the Junior Winds provides a challenge and responsibility for more advanced musicians. (Additional fee of $30 per semester.)

How to Begin

Your child begins his/her band experience as a 5th grader in a free music education class. This short class will introduce all the band instruments to your student and give him/her the opportunity to be tested on his/her favorite instruments. After three or four sessions, you will receive an evaluation regarding your student’s suitability on his/her favorite instruments and an invitation to our Band Registration Night. Band Registration Night at Lutheran High School South will give you important information about the band program and be your opportunity to officially register your student as a member of the band program. Within just a few days of this meeting, your student will need an instrument and will begin receiving instruction at his/her school.


$340 per year. This fee is paid to Word of Life on a semester basis and includes all music. Not included is the cost of an instrument. There are a limited number of instruments available through Word of Life and Lutheran South for greatly reduced rental fees. Most families participate in music store rent-to-own programs where the monthly rental fees are applied to the eventual purchase of the instrument.

Questions about the Program

Please contact Mr. John Miller at Lutheran High School South at 314-631-1400 or