Fourth Grade


Fourth grade is a year full of academic adventures. In Religion, various Biblical stories are taught through projects, reader’s theater, games, and the religion book. Along with the weekly lessons, passages from Scripture are memorized and then recited or written.

In fourth grade, project-based book reports are required each quarter. These include the following:

  • Mystery: skeleton report
  • Real fiction: sandwich report
  • Fantasy: poster report
  • Adventure: paper bag report

In social studies, the students progress from self to worldwide awareness by exploring the six regions of the United States. We focus on different projects for each region and introduce climate, people, historical events, and worldwide connections for each region. Lewis and Clark and their historic explorations are emphasized, culminating with a field trip to the Lewis and Clark Historic Site Interpretive Center in Hartford, IL. By the end of the year, the students are tested over the states and capitals in the United States.

The art curriculum is based on several different art curriculum programs in addition to a unit developed by the St. Louis Art Museum. Art disciplines deal in five specific areas: drawing, painting, 3-D crafts, seasonal, and artist study. In the museum-based program, the students view and create art, study maps, and read and write stories to forge a connection between art, people, cultures, and ideas. The class visits the art museum and studies a variety of art collections that span a range of culture from around the world.


Religion: “One in Christ,” published by Concordia Publishing House

Language Arts: “Language Arts,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Reading: “Treasures,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Math: “Go Math!” published by Houghton-Mifflin

Science: “Science: A Closer Look,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Social Studies: “Our Countries Regions,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Spelling: “Treasures,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Art: Based on several different art curriculum programs in addition to a St. Louis Art Museum developed unit

Music: led by Mr. Maichel
– Identify notes on Staff, Notation
– Majority of year spent learning Recorder
– Unit on parts of the orchestra