Religion/Jesus Time

  • Demonstrate love and compassion for others
  • Learn a series of New and Old Testament stories
  • Learn simple Bible verses
  • Learn and perform songs to show God’s love

Communication Arts


  • Use good book-handling skills
  • Read familiar print in environment
  • Use a variety of cues to construct meaning of language
  • Recognize letters and sounds of the alphabet


  • Develop writing vocabulary
  • Share personal writing and illustration
  • Write for a purpose
  • Print with increasing legibility and intelligibility


  • Follow simple directions
  • Enjoy listening to stories, songs, poems, and literature
  • Express and identify feeling, experiences, and ideas in stories
  • Demonstrate attention and courtesy by maintaining eye contact with the speaker and keeping hands and feet quiet


  • Use correct grammar
  • Speak in complete sentences
  • Discuss and converse in both large and small group
  • Share work orally with others
  • Relate events in order
  • Predict future events and outcomes in stories


  • Observe and express positions of objects
  • Explore graphs
  • Patterns
  • Recognize and name the order of numbers
  • Understand number concepts
  • Relate geometric shapes to objects in environment
  • Recognize coins
  • Time by hour and half hour
  • Compare measurements
  • Explore larger numbers


  • Describe positions of objects relative to others
  • Demonstrate use of balance
  • Identify materials that attract to magnets
  • Identify components of plants
  • Compare living and non-living
  • Identify components of animals and plants
  • Observe force and movement of objects

Social Studies

  • Learn families, citizenship, and communities
  • Develop awareness of different cultures
  • Exposure to maps
  • Discuss awareness of holidays, events, and seasons
  • Safety procedures
  • Memorize address and phone number


  • Use scissors and glue with control
  • Identify primary and secondary colors
  • Use of texture
  • Identify shapes and 3-dimensional form
  • Use of different lines


  • Identify beats and movements
  • Long and short sounds
  • Rhythm patterns
  • Imitate sounds
  • Sing, speak, and move in different tempos
  • Listening to a variety of music styles

 Physical Education

  • Develop spatial awareness, directions, and pathways
  • Learn development games, skills, and rules
  • Understand fitness and its importance
  • Perform movements and patterns
  • Sing, speak, and move in different tempos
  • Listening to a variety of music styles