Second Grade


Students are expected to model Christian behavior at all times. They do this in how they learn and play throughout the day. They learn to become more independent learners and to take responsibility for their education. Students study positive character traits and are encouraged to display these when interacting with family, classmates, teachers, and more.

In second grade, students participate in literature circles. Literature circles are small reading groups in which students complete individual “jobs.” Literature circles encourage students to cooperate with other group members, to hold others accountable, and to take responsibility for his/her “job.”

A highlight in second grade is that students have the opportunity to create a habitat diorama after studying different environments in science. One other highlight in second grade is that students get to write presidential papers. This expository paper on a former United States President teaches students the beginning steps of researching, and it expands their writing into multiple paragraphs.


Religion: “One in Christ,” published by Concordia Publishing House

Language Arts: “Language Arts,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Reading: “Treasures,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Math: “Go Math!” published by Houghton-Mifflin

Science: “Science: A Closer Look,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Social Studies: “We Live Together,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Spelling: “Treasures,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Handwriting: “Printing Power,” by Handwriting Without Tears

Health: “Health & Wellness” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Music: led by Mr. Maichel
– Heavy focus on Rhythm and Meter
– Pitch and Dynamics practice
– Special unit on The Nutcracker