Special Education at Word of Life

Word of Life Lutheran School is pleased to provide special education services to qualifying students in partnership with LASE Specialized Education (LASE). Certified special education teachers provide

  • academic support in specific subjects
  • organizational scaffolding
  • test-taking guidance
  • classroom assistance to general education teachers
  • consultation services to parents
  • assistive technology (whenever appropriate to provide necessary accommodations and modifications to the curriculum)
  • a social skills group for students who need to practice skills in a small group setting

Qualifying students are those who are, or are at risk of, struggling in the classroom. LASE teachers will help parents access the public school system as necessary to obtain a diagnosis. All students qualifying for LASE services receive an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504 plan, or other appropriate service plan. LASE services allow students with learning disabilities, ADHD, high-functioning autism, Down Syndrome, etc. to achieve their academic potential and to grow spiritually and socially in a Christ-centered environment at Word of Life.

LASE Tuition: $1,700.00

To apply for a scholarship for LASE tuition (resource and speech language therapy), please submit the joint Lutheran Elementary School Association (LESA)/LASE scholarship application form. Please visit www.lesastl.org/finAid.html.

More information about LASE is available on their website at www.lutheranspecialed.org.