Third Grade


Third grade is an exciting year full of new opportunities. Students delve into the mechanics of division and multiplication, also memorizing the facts to use them interchangeably. Cursive handwriting skills are developed and practiced. Students will be expected to use cursive for certain projects.

For the enrichment time this year, students will be introduced to basic conversational Spanish throughout the year.

Also, morning meetings serve as an important third grade highlight. Each morning, the class meets together for prayer, devotions, fun songs, and activities. These are designed to build character in each child, as well as appreciation and respect for peers in the classroom family! Each child will have a morning every two weeks to report to the class about whatever he or she would like to share.


Religion: “One in Christ,” published by Concordia Publishing House

Language Arts: “Language Arts,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Reading: “Treasures,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Math: “Go Math!” published by Houghton-Mifflin

Science: “Science: A Closer Look,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Social Studies: “Our Communities,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Spelling: “Treasures,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Handwriting: “Cursive Handwriting,” by Handwriting Without Tears

Health: “Health & Wellness,” published by MacMillan/McGraw Hill

Music: led by Mr. Maichel
– Expand knowledge of Pitch, Beat, and Rhythm
– Begin study of Form
– Special unit on The Planets