What Parents are Saying

“The past two years we have watched our daughter grow into a kind, loving and independent five year old which has been supported greatly by the wonderful teachings of Miss O’Toole and the curriculum at Word of Life. Today our daughter is fully ready for kindergarten. She leaves preschool able to write her name and is sounding out some words and sight words. She knows the entire alphabet and numbers. The curriculum branches out across so many great subjects I can’t even begin to list them all.”

“It is truly amazing to see the things God is doing in our school and in the lives of our children.  My kids come home everyday better and happier because of spending the day at Word of Life.  The faculty, staff and administrator are passionate about their calling and my children reap those rewards.  My two preschool boys are thriving academically and continue to cultivate a strong relationship with Christ that is unbelievable.   We are at Word of Life for the long haul!  I want my children to grow up with prayer being a natural part of their lives.  The academic standards are high and my children have the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed in an amazing Christian environment.  I believe my boys have grown tremendously in the past year.  They have been nurtured, loved and Christ is in their hearts.  It is important, to me as a parent, that I do all that I can to raise my children with morals and values.  I believe that World of Life will continue to give my children the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed!”

“In leaving our previous school a parent in wishing me well shared she hoped the parent population was as helpful providing information on how things worked day to day as I had been in helping new families navigate the public school system. I’m happy to say those parent volunteers weren’t needed at WOL. The communication and support from the facility and staff at WOL allowed our family a stress free back to school season. I don’t know if you could find a school where the teachers and staff love their students and school more than they do at WOL!”

“My daughter has really grown in this environment academically and socially. The international make-up of the student body has prepared her to be more knowledgeable about the world. Her friends include students from a variety of cultural backgrounds. The teachers are caring and committed to her success. She loves playing volleyball, music and other extra-curricular events throughout the year.”

“Our son is in pre-school at the Timothy campus. He loves school; he is always asking if he goes to school tomorrow since he cannot get enough of it. More importantly, though, we love the way that Word of Life has shaped him. We noticed the change in the first two weeks of school. He listened more closely, he waited his turn to talk (better), and he talked more about the Bible. The things we are teaching at home—about kindness, sharing, praying, and God—are reinforced at Word of Life. Word of Life has taught him some basic skills, and it has shaped his character as a Christian boy. We are grateful to Miss Tosie, Miss Maxfield, and to Word of Life for helping us raise our son to love God, serve others, and love to learn too.”

“My daughter has attended WOL for 4 years now. She has been challenged and supported by each of her amazing teachers. The small class sizes allows for teachers to really know and teach each child. My daughter has benefited from participation in extracurricular activities at WOL including piano lessons, drama, volleyball and basketball. The formative experience in this wonderful school is unique in the city and is an exceptional value!”